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At first glance, love and the local butcher shop don’t seem to have much in common. Yet, the truth is, when someone is planning to wine and dine in quiet, private surroundings, it usually means dinner for two at home. Starting to see the picture? This is where your friendly butcher can help.


If you’re after a jaw-dropping reaction, then beef rib eye is definitely the way to go (men have been known to drool at the mere sight of them). Commonly known as Scotch fillet, the rib eye is a rib fillet left on the bone, the bone lending extra moisture and fat for a more flavoursome steak. For a standing rib roast, leave the rib eye steaks in one piece and roast. All you need is an oven pan (no rack), and you’ll be pleased to find the bones really do provide added flavour. Just remember to sear the steaks first.


If you’re really out to impress, the simple act of cooking will always do the trick. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be complicated. Try a juicy rack of lamb ­– it’s quick to prepare, and requires little skill.

If all else fails, a tasty compromise is a nice piece of tenderloin fillet. A thick, juicy steak, it’s sufficiently satisfying for men, while its lean, tender qualities make it a favourite with women.

A carefully cooked piece of meat with that extra ingredient of TLC can be as endearing as any fancy present. At the end of the night, when gratitude and reward is in the air, credit it to your butcher!

Follow these guidelines for steak satisfaction…

Rare: Cook for a few minutes per side until steak feels ‘very soft’ with back of tongs.

Medium Rare: Cook on one side till moisture is just visible on top surface. Turn and cook on the other side until surface moisture is visible and when it feels ‘soft’ with back of tongs.

Medium: Cook on one side until moisture is pooling on top surface. Cook on second side until moisture is visible. It will be ready when it feels ‘springy’ with back of thongs.

Image from Flickr.


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