Going Organic


We talked organics again this week, welcoming a panel of guests inspiring us to start the day… more organically I guess! Will Magin from Bill’s Organic’s walked us through the complex process of making organic bread, Kate Baskin from Five:Am Organics joined us with the latest range of cacao yoghurt and Georgia Bamber from Bare Bunny put her pancake flipping to the test in the studio. Bill’s Organics is making healthy bread accessible for the everyday shopper. We spread organic peanut butter on the Ancient Grains and Activated Super Seeds sourdough, which contains Chia, Quinoa, Flaxseed, Spelt and khorasan flour. While we are still a little confused as to what does and does not qualify as an ‘ancient grain’, we can give two thumbs up for the nutty flavour and soft texture of this loaf. Will assures us that this sourdough is extremely nutrient dense and the ancient grains, whilst not all gluten free, are far easier to absorb than conventional wheat.  Five:am yoghurt is heavenly. Their new indulgent dessert yoghurts are a great alternative to ice cream or other fattening desserts. The Cacao and Coconut is a clear winner for us. The yoghurt has the perfect amount of sweetness and the cacao flavour is not too bitter unlike other products featuring cacao. Georgia Bamber fired up the hotplate in studio and cooked us a batch of her Bare Bunny pancakes. The pancake mix idea was born on a trip to the snow, when Georgia took along her own pre-made organic mixture to make for the family. Recognizing that there is no organic pancake mix already on the market, Georgia launched the Bare Bunny range. These are a far healthier alternative to your usual supermarket pancake mixes and are tasty with a little maple syrup or savoury toppings.

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