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According to the Champagne Bureau Australia there’s been a year-on-year growth in champagne consumption here, making Australia the sixth largest market in the world. Bubbling within this effervescent celebration is the rising trend on wine lists of “Grower Champagnes” or “récoltant manipulant (RM) Champagnes” (the letters RM appear discreetly on the bottle’s label). These champagnes are produced by the owners of the vineyards as opposed to many of the large champagne houses and negociants who may source their fruit from many grape growers in the region. Grower Champagnes use the grapes from their own vineyard/s and are a typical expression of that particular terroir and are more quirky and singular than the big Champagne houses – but are the cult wines of the Champagne region of France.

By Stewart White

Discovervin Champagne Achille Princier

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