Rosé Glasses

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Rosé has seriously come of age in Australia in recent years with unprecedented popularity across age and gender. As a wine, it is fun, unpretentious and doesn’t break the bank. Rosé is the clear juice from within red grapes that has been kissed by a judicious amount of red grape skin contact in the first days winemaking to give it its appealing rosé blush. France is the home of traditional, dry rosé. In France rosé sales have now surpassed those of white wine. Provence in the sunny South of France is where eight percent of the world’s rosé is made. If rosé is the very essence of stylish summer drinking – then surely the humble thong is the ubiquitous relaxed summer foot wear. This year Australia has been enjoying them both …in a bottle …with the arrival from France of Elodie – Les Tongs rosé. With a cheeky label emblazoned with a pair of thongs, Les Tongs is a mouth-watering, easy to drink rosé from Domaine de Cantarelle in the heart of Provence. Kicking back with thongs on your feet and Les Tongs in your glass is a sure recipe for drinking enjoyment. And you can get it here.


Les Tongs Roseì

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