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Sarah Crowe of Bimbagen

I am so lucky to have so many passionate wine makers and wine experts on my show. Sarah Crowe Senior Winemaker from Bimbadgen is no exception. In fact she is rather special. A woman in a very male dominated world, who was the r...

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Presto Pesto

Butter and Cream or Creamy Butter – Meet Pep

There are two things I get asked all the time, one; is “can you recommend a restaurant” at which point I become brain dead and suddenly forget all my favourites, and two; is “what are you eating at the moment”. So I pon...

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The dessert menu is short and sweet with fresh delights

Pony Lounge and Dining – Review

I arrived at  Pony Lounge & Dining situated in the Rocks with some trepidation. On occasion I am expected to like or at very least be willing to try just about everything food related. But morally I can't eat horse, I grew...

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Hand packed and no preservatives

Honest to Goodness

Matt Ward from the company Honest to Goodness was on the show on Saturday. I love a guest whose home lifestyles mirrors their product beliefs. Organic all the way for this family. Matt & Karen The Honest to Goodness product...

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Dessert Roasted Banana and salted Caramel Bombe Alaska

Bistro Ortolan – Review

When the idea of doing an interview with Paul McGrath from Bistro Ortolan for Bastille Day was proposed I was hesitant. If I was going to do something then I wanted it to be with a really good restaurant not one I had never eve...

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Duck with Spiced Citrus Sauce

One Hell of a Bird!

In Africa, the idea of a Game Farm immediately makes me think of beautiful Lions, Elephants and Buck. So you can understand my confusion when I interviewed Scott Evans and Karl Fraser from Game Farm and discovered it was all in...

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Love Me Eat Me

For The Girls Who Have Everything

This is for men and women who love chocolate and love shoes. When you combine the two you have a work of art. I would not know if they should be kept in the closet or in the kitchen. Where would you put your new shoes? Love Me ...

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My Very Own FoodinFocus Planet Cake Cupcake

Just Give Them Cake

For those of you who listen to the radio show and those who know me, you will agree that I have bucket loads of very naughty humour. It is one of the reasons I love the men on my show because they will always get into the swing...

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Designer Wine Labels and Packaging

Beautiful Wine Labels

Everyone knows I love a good drink.  Over the past two years on my show I  have tasted over 300 wines and a large number of spirits and cocktails. While some of the packaging has been impressive, I have yet to see anything th...

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Sugar Cinnamon Beignet served with chai latte, sweet cream

Monkey Magic Restaurant – Review

I love eye candy; in fact I love mouth candy… any candy really will do. So when I landed at Monkey Magic on Crown Street in Surry Hills last week I was thrilled. Eye candy everywhere, the barmen, the chefs, the venue, the foo...

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