A Treat at Roberts Circa 1876

This is probably not going to make me very popular but I don’t think the Hunter Valley is very pretty. In fact as wine regions go it is the least special visually. Flat and often more brown than green, it hosts monolithic arc...

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Bastille Day with Pignolet

Celebrity Chef Damien Pignolet brings French flair to The 3 Weeds, Rozelle this Bastille Day Eve And with it a special offer for Food In Focus listeners. After hosting Damien on the FoodinFocus show and having a detailed descri...

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CHO CHO SAN – New Hot and Worth It

RESTAURANT REVIEW: I am very lucky, I think I have said this before. I get to eat at the best restaurants in Sydney, I interview the best talent from chefs to producers, cookbook authors to wine makers. Food and Wine is subject...

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The French Dinner

The French Dinner is a secret and unique culinary experience following the four seasons. The very cute and very French, Vincent Hernandez was on Food in Focus to tell us all about these unique special events celebrating the se...

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Hot and Healthy

The theme of this week’s program was nutritious food, championed by two very healthy-looking young entrepreneurs, Daniel Churchill, 23 and Bianca Monley, 34. But of course, we had to have some wine as well, provided by Sommel...

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Is Black the new Green

The Surprising Health Benefits of Black Rice Rice has been receiving a bad rap over the past decade, largely because of the connection between high Glycaemic-Index (GI) diets and a host of health issues. Processed, starchy and ...

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Art of Kneading Bread

While food is the focus of the radio show we can't help getting excited when we have guests on who are well known in other areas. While we have interviewed many a celebrity chef like Matt Moran and Colin Fassnidge we are also p...

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Lets Get Married

Canapes by Bridget and Martial Cosyn from M&B Catering for Hopewood Country House in Bowral featuring the delightful cool climate wines of St Maur in Exeter. By Elizabeth Dorrough Bridget and Martial not only cater but ma...

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Beer Boobs and Sausage

The show on Saturday the 19th could only be called cheeky... with the Oktoberfest in full swing we had a fantastic time discussing  Lederhosen, thigh slapping and the low cut traditional German women’s dress of Miss Oktoberf...

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Tea and Jacob Allan

I am not much of a name dropper but I really do love an actor especially when they are in my studio and they are game for a bit of banter. Plus the thrill of getting married to one is just something I could not go past. I enter...

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